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About Us


Battleground JKD LLC is a black owned business that started as a dream where we wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and is now our reality. Our business started in our garage and we have now grown into a larger location where we are able to reach more clients. 


Our customers base include: children, adults, and companies who are looking to provide awareness in all types of self-defense situations while building a healthier lifestyle. By taking our class, the children become  more active while learning how to de-escalate a situation if they are being bullied and/or kidnapped.  The kids who attend our class are trained to make better decisions today to have a better tomorrow. We end each children's class with our montra: Just because I know how to fight, doesn’t mean I have to fight, but it’s okay to defend myself.  Our take on this is just because they are taught and able to protect themselves, doesn’t mean they have to go out looking for a fight. Our goal is to train our clients/students to be prepared for the unknown circumstances that may arise. 

Battleground JKD LLC offers a more personalized experience to fit the needs of each individual to enhance personal safety and more one-on-one opportunities with our lead instructor. No matter if you are looking to get in shape, build self-discipline, defend an attacker, or become the next boxer or MMA fighter, we are the company for you! We work hand in hand with our clients to come up with the perfect plan to achieve their goals.

The Team

Who We Are

Reggie Macon
AKA Sifi Reggie

Founder & CEO

Hi, my name is Reggie Macon I am the owner, operations manager, and lead instructor of Battleground JKD.  I ama a proud father of three beautiful children and I have over a decade and a half of experience in Jeet Kune Do with a level 4  instructorship and level 5 as a student.  I’ve also taken up additional styles within the martials industry that include: Kali, Savate, Panantukan and boxing. My purpose is to use my experience in fitness and martial arts to help people have a better quality of life. Sharing my love of training and teaching has been a blessing and a dream come true. So excited to continue my education and help others with theirs.

(616) 255-7571


Chandra Macon
AKA Boss Lady, Queen

Co - Founder

Hello, my name is Chandra Macon, Reggie’s wife, co-owner, and the strategic visionary partner of Battleground JKD.  I have a  Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship from Davenport University while using my degree over the past 15 years managing at a local financial institution. I am a current student of Battle Ground JKD who enjoys learning this art while assisting the lead instructor with classes, community events, and seminars. My favorite part of training is when Reggie tells me to get my boxing gloves on as I know it's time to hit mitts or do some combinations on the punching bag. Even though I wasn’t into martials arts for many years, I have grown to love the sport and the fitness portion it has provided within our lives. It has been a delight seeing how many lives we have changed over the last few years and the lives we will change in the future. 


Shay Anderson

Community Liaison Officer

My name is Shay Anderson, Reggie's big sister, and Community Liaison Officer for Battle Ground JKD. I am a current student of Battle Ground JKD who enjoys working out and seeing results of my hard work! My passion is working with young ladies by providing guidance as they are growing up to keep them on the right path while making decisions that will affect their lives each day and helping them with achieving their goals they have set for themselves. Long Live My Husband.

My name is Malcolm Jones and I am Nigerian born, American living in Grand Rapids MI. My background includes Battle Ground Jeet Kune Do (JKD), MMA and a Boxing athlete. I am the Father of 2 prince's. One of my favorite sayings is: Hard work + hard times =GREATNESS I am taught and mentored by Big Bro (Reggie Macon) and Queen (Chandra Macon). Also I train alongside my training brother Bear (Damascus Mosley) while my nutrition guide is provided by Holly The Hunter. I am humble, loyal, ambitious, passionate, and a future champ! 


Malcolm Jones
AKA Golden Arrow


Damascus Mosley

Retired Fighter & Assistant Instructor

Damascus Mosley has been practicing martial arts on and off for 25 years. He's disciplined in Wado Ryu Karate, Wing Chun, Jeek Kun Do and is currently training to get his certification in Kali Obtik. Damascus is also an amateur mma fighter (retired). Damascus has a passion for teaching martial arts to the youth as a way to give back to his community by helping the youth reach their potential express themselves confidently in the world.

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